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Legal Representation with New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Injured on a Construction Site?

It's important to act swiftly after a construction accident and hire the right legal guardian for your legal battle. Call our New York construction accident attorneys immediately for a free consultation to take the proper steps to obtain justice and financial restitution.

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Champions for Your Rights in Construction Site Injuries

When accidents at construction sites happen, they can be devastating. Gabriel Law is here to protect your rights to the fullest extent while ensuring recovery from injuries through his ruthless legal tactics. Being one of the most experienced firms in construction accident claims, we are the lawyers you can trust, serving your legal needs in Queens and Bronx. We understand the complexities of your cases and are here to ensure a smooth legal transition.

Our Results

We’ve secured millions for our clients. Whether negotiating a settlement or fighting hard in court, we’re all in every step of the way. Your win is our win.



Driver Fractures Tibia and Fibula from Motor Vehicle Accident



Driver Sustains Severe Back Injuries from Car Accident



Car Crash Passenger Sustains Back, Knee, and Shoulder Injuries



Pedestrian Suffers Back and Foot Injury After Struck by Vehicle



Construction Worker Injured Back and Neck in Job Site Accident

Personalized Support from Queens and Bronx Construction Accident Lawyers

When you have been injured at a construction site by yourself, the aftermath can be overwhelming. At Gabriel Law, we give construction accident victims in Queens and Bronx such powerful representation, giving them the confidence to fight their cases alone. We know that you may have issues that are specific to you, and our goal is to assist you in recovering in all aspects: physically, emotionally, and financially.

The best way to ensure that your case is properly handled is to have a trustworthy construction accident attorney at your side. And, besides, we will do it incessantly to secure your dignity and get you fair compensation.

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Driver Fractures Tibia and Fibula from Motor Vehicle Accident


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Navigating the Legal Maze With Precision

At Gabriel Law, our staff is experienced with construction laws and regulations. We fight to the end to gain the compensation they deserve for their pain and injuries, protecting their rights from the initial moment.

Placing precision as our crucial element, we carefully examine the scenario of every construction accident in detail. Our task is to reveal the faults and responsibilities of participants who, as a result of their faults, are responsible for the damage caused.

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Empathetic Advocacy for Construction Accident Victims

We at Gabriel Law realize the agony and hardships you possibly went through after the construction accident. As Bronx and Queens construction accident lawyers who serve with empathy, we care for our clients as family. We will stay with you during the legal process, and you will feel heard, listened to, and understood.

We Fight for your peace of mind.

In the relentless pursuit of justice, we battle tirelessly to secure your peace of mind, ensuring you can focus on healing while we fight for the compensation you deserve.

Ensuring Access to Legal Representation for All

Construction accident victims, having to pay legal fees as well as their medical expenses and lost wages, can be pushed into a difficult situation. This is why Gabriel Law engages on a full-repayment or no-fee basis. We can build a society where everyone will get justice without being hurt financially. Being your Queens and Bronx construction accident attorneys on a fighting foot, we won’t stop to win your case for you and collect the pay you have a right to receive without extra charges.

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In case you've suffered injuries during an accident at the construction site, try not to procrastinate hiring a lawyer. Call today for a zero-charge consultation with our skilled construction accident attorneys in Queens and the Bronx. We are committed to carefully examining your case, listening to you, and advising you on the best legal strategy. Let us be your advocates as you fight for your rights so that your recovery is frustration-free.

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